Two weekends ago I went to London to explore the city and visit my friend Elise who is currently interning for Vivienne Westwood. It was a short but fast-paced trip and I really got to […]


Yes, yes, I know that I was in Sweden almost two months ago now, but I just got around to editing some of the pictures. I went to Sweden immediately following my trip to the […]


Two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to go Austria and ski in the Alps for a week with my German classmates. Every year the industrial design department here in Wuppertal takes a break […]


Hello Readers, I know it has been a while. I was away last week skiing in the Austrian Alps with 60 students and professors in my program here in Germany. More on that later. Things […]

Technical Project

I am beginning to finish up the final projects in some of my classes. The assignment for this project was to buy a consumer electronic for about ten euros and complete technical analysis on it […]

  • Ostrava Town Square
  • 131224-Germany_0372R
  • 131226-Germany_0378R
  • 131228-Germany_0007R
  • 131228-Germany_0015R
  • 131228-Germany_0023R
  • 131228-Germany_0058R
  • 131228-Germany_0063R
  • 131228-Germany_0097R
  • 131228-Germany_0123R
  • 131228-Germany_0132R
  • 131228-Germany_0143R
  • 131228-Germany_0164R
  • 131228-Germany_0192R
  • 131228-Germany_0214R
  • 131228-Germany_0226R
  • 131228-Germany_0229R
  • 131228-Germany_0244R
  • 131228-Germany_0249R

I have been away on holiday over our winter break here in Wuppertal. I took a train to the Czech Republic to stay with my cousin Joe for a week and spend Christmas with his […]


I know it is quite late, but I just got these pictures off of my camera from Thanksgiving. I have been quite busy with school. Thanksgiving in Germany was great. I convinced the other Americans […]

I’m Legal!

Today I finally got my visa! We went over a month ago to apply for it. Today we went and picked it up. Now I can freely travel in and out of Germany without problems. […]

A Lesson in Pride

America is a great place but I have my beefs with it. Last night at a party a group of people taught me in an instant to not be ashamed of it and love it […]

Going to the Grocery Store Pt. 2

Now comes the somewhat interesting part: what you can get. It really haven’t had to change eating habits to adapt to what I can get at the grocery. I actually eat a lot better here […]